Sunday, November 28, 2010

Returning 2011!

Hi everyone!
Popu-Store to glad to be serving everyone for the past few months and when we're serving everyone at Japanese Fashion Street, too.

All sprees for 2010 are officially closed and not taking in any more orders.

We sincerly apologise to all for the delay of items for the past few months since we've shifted here due to large year-end orders at our different suppliers for Candy Sugar bags, Fashion, Acessories and Japan side really need more time to handle our large amount of Dolly Wink orders.

We're really sorry for any inconvience caused due to the delay.

We are now discussing with our new agent to see how we can serve all of your faster and better in the coming year so that this kind of delay will me minimised as much as possible.

We will be updating our instock page from time to time whenever we have new stocks.

Once again, we thank all for your support and we will be back real soon with Cosmetics #3 Spree DollyWink, Melliesh and etc! We will try our very best to bring you the latest DollyWink eyeshadow and mascara if possible, too!

Thank you!